Khamenei Demanding Even More Concessions

Exactly one day after Senator Barbara Mikulsky became the 34th Senator to shamefully declare support for President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with the genocidal and repressive Iranian theocracy, Khamenei has demanded yet another concession from the US. From AP:

Iran’s supreme leader said Thursday “there will be no deal” if world powers insist on suspending rather than lifting sanctions as part of a landmark nuclear agreement, and said it is up to Iran’s parliament, and not him, to approve or reject it.

He also bragged on twitter — and then apparently deleted — that Iran has “known and unknown capabilities which will be realized when necessary in action” while insisting that Iran “is not like some retarded countries about which they can talk in any ways they like.” (Hmmm. . . wonder who he means.)

Furthermore, Khamenei indicated that it is still possible that even if Congress is unsuccessful at blocking this deal, the Iranian parliament may still do so.

“It is the representatives of the people who should decide. I have no advice regarding the method of review, approval or rejection,” [Khamenei] said. . . .

A special parliamentary committee has begun studying the deal, but it’s unclear how far the process will go since the government has not prepared a formal bill. It’s also unclear how much support the deal has in parliament.

No wonder Obama looked like this today.

Obama bending over



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