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Guest Post (Kay Wilson): I Will Never ‘Lose It’ Even Though I Have Lost Much

Kay Wilson stab woundsI have been hacked at with a machete.

I have lost…..

  1. My friend
  2. My health
  3. An unmarred body
  4. A pain free existence
  5. My vocation
  6. The ability to work & the dignity that comes with it
  7. An income
  8. My home
  9. The solace of being alone
  10. Sleep
  11. Weight
  12. Routine
  13. An ability to articulate how I feel
  14. An ability to engage in the mundane
  15. My privacy
  16. My anonymity
  17. My independence
  18. The hope of ever being profoundly understood
  19. A sense of humanity – people who knew nothing about me saw me only as a commodity in their political game.
  20. I have also lost my innocence – I saw something something I should have never have seen, something reserved only for the Master of the Universe.

Yet, despite all these horrendous losses, I have never worked off my “frustrations” by murdering innocent people.

I have never used my situation to evoke rage towards Arabs. On the contrary, I have used my losses to reach out to the very people from which the sons of evil came and seek peace with those who want it.

I am glad that I did. I have some wonderful Arab friends.

There is never any excuse for terrorism, even though the western media, some Christian organisations, influential Jewish lobbyists and Arab members of the Knesset perversely claim that terrorism is politically and morally legitimate.

I can only hope that those who endorse terrorism are purged from civilized society and sent to live in Islamist cultures that support it. I can only hope that they are given no further political, media or theological platform.

I have risen above the the horror that has happened to me, in part, due to the fact that I live in Israel and am part of a Jewish culture that advocates “life” and not death.

Ironically, my continued life-long healing is found in the very place where the horrors happened, the very country that is unfairly and pathologically criticized by people who do not endure what we endure – people who from afar “bravely” endorse and legitimize “resistance” and in doing so disgracefully advocate for the murder of innocent people.

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