WATCH: Dramatic Day of Rage Success


We live along the route to Shaare Zedek Hospital. We hear sirens day and night.

This morning there were so many, I could not count. Sirens because of terror victims coming faster than one could count.

Terror getting closer and closer to home. Then it got quiet, too quiet.

The constant noise of Jerusalem construction came to a halt. PA had called for a “Day of Rage” and it was big success.

Warning: This video of man being hacked to death is disturbing, or sure should be!

This terrorist rammed his telephone company van into a bus stop, then got out and hacked Rabbi Yishayahu Krishevsky, 60, to death. This is the rage Arab world supports?

But he wasn’t quite dead after that: he got up again.

He worked for Bezeq: the phone company. That’s their logo on his van.

Ahmed, Mohammed, and Jihad, they bring our gas balloon, fix the fridge in our kitchen, and serve tea at the nicest of Jerusalem venues. Now we have to worry. Who is safe to have around? on the streets? Should we open the door for the Bezek guy to fix a phone line?

I am not sure what is most disturbing.  Many things for this evening have been cancelled.

The favorites of Sukkot and jokes about umbrellas seems like ages ago.

HT: Amichai Stein


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