Latest Blood Libel: The Elusive Yussi Elon Shahak


The following meme has been floating around the interwebs, disseminated by the dregs of social media (hat tip: Spotlighting SA).

Umm no.

That is clearly former IDF Chief of General Staff Benn Gantz.

benny gantz

It looks like this story from the antisemitic Veterans Today site – written by their “Damascus Beaureau Chief” Nahed Al-Husaini (clearly a trustworthy, objective reporter) – may be the source.

Breaking: Israeli General Commanding ISIS Captured in Iraq

Except whoever created the meme did not get the memo.

yussi elon shahak

As for “Yussi Elon Shahak”, he does not exist. Google his name. The only references to this high-ranking officer in the IDF are to antisemitic and loony tune sites.

Once again, the antisemites and Jew haters lie. Because truth (and justice) certainly is not on their side.

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