Rania Khalek: Electronic Intifadumbass


Pathological Israel hater Rania Khalek took exception to something a pro Israel person tweeted: support for harvesting organs from terrorists to save lives.

rania dumbass
Screenshot via zpyarom on Twitter

Her insinuation being clear: how can a doctor express such views? It is unethical!

The thing is, Rabbi Yaakov Menken is not a doctor.

So why did “journalist” Khalek tweet he was?

The answer is in his Twitter bio.

menkenBaltimore MD!

As far as I am aware, Khalek actually lives in the US. So she should be aware that MD stands for “Maryland”, and not “Medicinae Doctor.”

But leaving that aside, the words “Baltimore, MD” are written next to the Location symbol of his bio. After the lengthy description as to what he does for a living.

You can’t make this stuff up (and she does make stuff up regularly)

I guess Khalek evolved from #NorwegianDoctorConfirmed to #BaltimoreDoctorConfirmed (hat tip: AnarchoZionist)

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