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Israel Haters’ Reactions To Syrian Gas Attack On Civilians Speak Volumes

This should tell you all you need to know about these people

Is Electronic Intifada Imploding?

They are under attack by fellow Israel haters

Rania Khalek Just Can’t Understand Lebanon Any More

It seems the Lebanese have other things to worry about, what with a massive war going on next door.

What Happened When A BDS-Hole Attended An Anti-BDS Conference

Rania Khalek infiltrates an anti BDS conference

Rania Khalek: Electronic Intifadumbass

Comedy gold

Israel Haters Khalek And Silverstein Invent Own Narrative To Demonize Israel

Yet another example of how the Israel haters lie and try to kick Israel while she is down

Israel’s Reaction To Nepal And Appalling Reactions To Israel

The haters won't let humanitarian efforts get in their way of their demonization campaign

Electronic Intifada’s Rania Khalek Libels Mordechai Kedar

And she may have gotten away with it too, had it not been for this meddling Yid

When Facts Are A Casualty

Actual facts are simply not relevant to the battle they are fighting
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