Hell’s Angels at Play in the Fields of the Lord

TerroristsUsing their own youth as child soldiers in urban warfare is now commonplace in the Arab Palestinian society.  This diabolical child abuse is completely ignored by the world organizations and countries who pretend to care so much about them and their cause.

This gives great leverage to Fatah/PLO/PA & Hamas leadership as they wage a psychological and asymmetrical war on Israel.  With the western media firmly on their side, the use of their own children in the war against the Jewish State gives them the maximum benefit of not only a dead body count but a child dead body count at that.  What could be better?

And just to give us a further mind screw, they yell and scream about wanting to die by being a martyr but as soon as that wish is granted to them in defense of their attacks, the families and villagers rampage in bellowing fits of rage that Israel murdered their children.

A video appeared on Arab media showing the Israeli Security Forces running over one of these “youth” as he was “minding his own business” in the middle of a riot.  As you can see from the video this innocent “youth” threw a rock at the head of an Israeli Police Officer which subsequently led this “child” to being hit by the Security Forces vehicle to stop more attacks on their forces.

At least in this case the unedited video of what actually happened between police and the rock throwing “children” came to light. This doesn’t happen often enough and most typically the biased and tired old story of how Israel attacks these poor innocent “children” is reported with glee by the western media.

(h/t for the video: ALL the TRUTH about what happening in ISRAEL on Facebook)

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Moving on to Sweden it appears as though stoning people because they stepped on what you perceive to be your land doesn’t just happen in Israel.

A Swedish female journalist is stoned by Muslims in Stockholm.

Red Flag News ran the story that had originally been reported by Jihad Watch.

“Ms Xhaferi planned on investigating police reports that any officer trying to patrol the Stockholm district of Tensta – with its foreign born population now over 70 per cent – would be pelted with rocks. She wanted to get behind the black headlines and find out what was really troubling the poor residents.

So along with a cameraman, she traveled into the suburb to film their report last week. They had set up their recording equipment in a small, central square, and spoken to a man who had agreed to be interviewed.

But as they waited, another man, who appeared to be upset, approach to ask why they were filming. He went away only to return with his gang.

“Then he became very, very angry and said he’ll get stones and show us what stoning is. When I saw that he was armed with a stone I just wanted to get out of there,” said Ms Xhaferi.”

The reason for the stoning according to the journalist:

“They thought we crossed the limit and that we were standing on their land,” journalist Valentina Xhaferi told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Now that sounds familiar.


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