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I'm a Pro-Israel, Freelance Journalist, Blogger, Photographer, Videographer & Social Media Addict. I spend my time between Canada and Israel. I work for United With Israel in social media, donations and community relations. No matter where I am, my heart is always in Israel.

The Viper Room: On Being a Hamas Human Shield

Welcome to the Viper Room

Bonfire Of The Damned

Who said this isn't a religious war?

Corbyn’s Kindergarten Killers

Political elites cloaking their hatred of Jews behind their support for the so-called “Palestinian” cause

Only In Israel: Simcha (Joy) In The Traffic Circle

The beauty of Israel are these surprising, only in Israel moments

Gaza, Where The Victims Victimize

It’s a hard knock life

What Are We Fighting For?

Leslie asks what is it all about?

Places I Love – Startling Landscapes, Timna Valley, Israel

Astonishing natural beauty in Israel

Pegasus: On a Wing and a Prayer – Horse and Donkey Rescue in Israel

There are so many reasons to love Israel and the people here are just another one

Does the World Need A Two-State Solution To Deal With The Global Islamic Jihad?

It won’t work for Israel and it won’t work for the West

Kerry & Obama Revive Their Push for a Two-State Solution

One can’t even express what an extraordinarily dangerous thing this is for John Kerry to say.
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