Brian’s Links: Netanyahu, #FireTheLiar, Starbucks Cup Con And Tea


Sometimes stuff goes by in a week that warrants a share on Facebook but doesn’t make it to Israellycool. So I’m trying out an old blog tradition of an occasional link dump.

First up is something from Commentary on Netanyahu’s visit to Washington. It seems that the Obamabots, when not acting as Cry Bullies (great term) are really upset because they just can’t refute the logic. Israel is not to blame for a lack of peace.

Obama’s futile push for détente with Iran and dithering on Syria has destabilized the Middle East and damaged the security of Israel and moderate Arab regimes. But, at least for the moment, Netanyahu has good reason to think he can wait out the next 15 months confident that the next American president he will have to deal with will be no worse and probably a lot friendlier than Obama.

That’s extremely frustrating for those who were hoping that Netanyahu would be humiliated or abused by a Democratic Party that abandoned Israel during the Iran debate. But the reaction to his session at CAP is particularly instructive. Many on the staff of the think tank with close ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign were angry about the invitation to Netanyahu and his ability to debunk many of their standard talking points about Israel only added to their frustration.


The status quo between Israel and the Palestinians isn’t good for either people. But so long as the Palestinians remained anchored to a political culture whose foundation is hatred for Israel and the Jews, there is nothing Israel can do to solve the problem by itself. Whatever one may think of Netanyahu, it is time for Americans who care about Middle East peace to stop blaming Israel for the lack of progress toward peace. These simple truths can be ignored, but they can’t be credibly disputed. That’s why left-wingers who are primarily motivated by animus against the Jewish state and uninterested in the real goal of the Palestinians — destruction of Israel — don’t want Netanyahu to be heard.

I’m glad this story has caught fire both in Israel and then outside. Finally Israelis are starting to notice the lies in the main stream media and do something about it. From The Blaze. Head there to see the video Israelis have made:

Israelis took to Facebook this week to urge NBC to fire Ayman Mohyeldin, accusing the reporter of filing biased and inaccurate dispatches from Israel.

In a Hebrew video that has been viewed more than 650,000 times so far, the NBC foreign correspondent is presented Pinocchio-like, with a digitally-elongated nose.

FireTheLiar-FB1-Image source Facebook TheKindOnes
Source: Facebook TheKindOnes

If you’ve been on the interwebs this week you may well have heard the enormous roar of nonsense about Starbucks and the Red Cups that Are NOT CHRISTMAS CUPS. OMG. You’d actually think that matters when ISIS are crucifying Christians across the middle east and many pundits are predicting no Christians left (except in Israel) within 10 years.

Strangely there isn’t really a lot of real Christian anger over the cups but what there is seems to have been manufactured by one guy and then spread by the complicit media. I can’t believe I’m turning to the Daily Kos but they nail it:

It wasn’t until I finally read one of the articles that I came across the name of the man who spawned this latest freak-out:  Joshua Feuerstein.  In none of the countless articles does the  MSM bother to discuss who this clown is.   So allow me:

Joshua Feuerstein is a self-described evangelist and “social-media personality”.  I recognized his name because he is the same asshat who harassed one of my local bakeries (and illegally recorded the phone call) because they refused to fill a fake order for an anti-gay cake.  His followers bombarded their Facebook site with Ben Carson-like yarns of their supposed “bad experiences” with the bakery.  Astoundingly, all of these reviews happened immediately after the date Joshua posted his hate-filled video.  The bakery had to temporarily close in response to the harassment, which included death threats.

And finally, because it has to be said. Making tea is a very serious matter.

TRIGGER WARNING: he uses salty language and describes crimes against humaniTEA.

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