The Accountant’s Guide To Winning The War On Palestinian Terror


To those who don’t know me, I’m an accountant by profession. Therefore many times I think in financial terms. Like, why is the financial burden of every single example of Palestinian belligerence on us, the Israeli taxpayer?

The belligerence that is bought, paid for, encouraged and perpetuated by the Palestinian Authority. The same Palestinian Authority the Israeli government transfers approximately $120 million in tax payments collected on their behalf every month.

In any business, payment transfers of this nature would withhold funds for incidentals and expenses and detail each item in a statement so that there’s full transparency on where the money went. Lawyers do it. eBay does it. Accountants do it.

Israel is full of accountants and lawyers. Why aren’t we doing this to the Palestinian Authority?

Using IFRS reporting standards
Using IFRS reporting standards

Let’s take a look at what their last payment schedule would look like.


Bank Transfer Details

State Of Israel Treasury

Jerusalem, Israel

Paid to: The Palestinian Authority

℅: Mahmoud Abbas

Ramallah, West Bank

Dear sirs,

We have transferred to your account the amount of $4.52 for “Tax payment transfers”.  The details of this payment are as follows:


Description Amount in USD Cumulative amount payable
Tax collections made on behalf of the Palestinian Authority for the month of October 2015



Total Credits




Description Amount in USD Cumulative amount Payable
Medical care for Palestinian attackers cared for in Israeli hospitals



Ongoing medical care for Israelis and other nationals wounded in terror attacks (211 patients)



Disability insurance payments for wounded victims disabled due to terror attack (1)



Psychological care for victims and children with PTSD (2)



Life insurance payments for 23 individuals killed



Loss of business compensation for business owners in area affected by terror (3)



Structural damage caused in terror attacks



Incarceration expenses for terrorists arrested (4)



Home demolition and family relocation fee (5)



Collection fee



Total Deductions



  1. Many victims will be unable to work for long periods of time. They generally have limited coverage through Israeli National Insurance. Full coverage should be provided for all lost wages.
  2. After seeing this heartbreaking testimony from Ido Gal Razon who suffers from PTSD due to his service in Gaza in 2007, there is no reason Israel should face the financial burden of the actions of Palestinian leaders, so that Israel can provide care for its people.
  3. Many Jewish and Arab owned businesses in Jerusalem are shutting down due to loss of traffic directly caused by terror attacks
  4. Incarceration of Palestinians is not cheap. Feeding, providing top notch care, and of course free post-secondary education while they and their families live a king’s life off of the benefit payments made by the PA to all their blessed martyrs.
  5. Demolition service is not free. Incidentally, neither is terror.


The State of Israel

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