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The UK Parliament Will Debate Foreign Aid Paying Palestinian Terrorists

A personal story about Kay Wilson and the two monsters who attacked her and killed Kristine Luken cannot be ignored

What I Think About B’Tselem And The Hebron Soldier

B’Tselem are for the destruction of Israel: they’re not pro-Palestinian.

WATCH: Kay Wilson On i24News Talking UK Payments To Terrorists

Watch the reaction of the interviewer: he’s completely taken aback.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Talks About Daily Mail Terror Funding On i24News

Amazing interview with Kay Wilson and with the journalist responsible for the explosive UK terror funding story.

Not So Easy To Smite Their Necks Now

IDF’s new neck protection against the Stabestinians.

The Accountant’s Guide To Winning The War On Palestinian Terror

Why is the Israeli taxpayer the one being stabbed AND paying for the damages?

Why Do They Keep Stabbing Us In The Neck?

Quran 47:4 "Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks."

NIF’s Daniel Sokatch: It Was “Palestinian Activists” Who Murdered Israelis

And it was “Palestinian activists” who killed four Jews (and an innocent Arab) yesterday.

Hey Siri, How Many Murders Is That In France

Let us bury and mourn our dead, then let us find and destroy the terrorists and the ideology that sends them and lives next door and sometimes among us.

Reuters Claim Israeli Police Throwing Rocks At Israeli Forces (Updated)

Waiting for the proof of this one with baited breath.

BBC Radio 4 Knows Whodunit: It Was The Joooos

Setting the level of Jew hatred to 10 in the UK isn’t enough, the BBC takes it to 11.

It’s Good To Say Thank You

I just called the police.


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