Never Ending #BDSFail In Tel Aviv At #contentisrael15


Dave Rubin at #ContentIsrael15Yesterday I attended a very large one day conference on everything connected with making commercial content on the internet: Content Israel 2015 #contentisrael15. A shout out to the organisers for putting the whole thing on.

Speakers flew in from all over the world from companies as diverse as MGM, Las Vegas Sands, Oracle, 3M, Huffington Post, PowToon, HubSpot and a whole plethora of inside names. They were met by world class content giants that came from Israel like Bob Rosenschein from Curiyo and others from Outbrain, Playbuzz, Glide.

This is just usual. Nobody can ignore Israel and nobody in this business can possibly afford to boycott Israel. They’ll just be irrelevant if they do!

Beverly Jackson, who came all the way from Las Vegas to speak about MGM Resorts’ absolutely amazing social media content and promotion system she heads up. Hers was a really brief visit but the way her face lit up when I asked her about what she’d seen in Israel was exactly what I usually see. A trip the day before to the Dead Sea and then a few hours in Jerusalem had clearly made a huge difference to her.

I also got to chat with Dave Rubin (why didn’t I take a photograph with him?), I’ve loved his recent work as he’s moved from the left toward the light (go watch him talk to Douglas Murray). He’s solidly for Israel and knows what’s going on here intimately. He had a tough job trying to elicit a few laughs at 4pm after a packed program but he managed.

This isn’t a comprehensive post about the event, but just a taste of how normal Israel is and how much is going on here and what a massive draw it is to come and exchange ideas with the best and brightest minds in the world, who often sit here in the Startup Nation.

And nothing is going to stop progress of the right kind in Israel.

You can get a taste of what went on by looking at the voluminous tweets that came past.

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