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ElAl’s Planes Will Be Powered By British Rolls Royce Jet Engines

I guess with a deal this big on the table, there’s no way a bunch of screechy protesters throwing hissy fits in super markets were ever going to stop commerce.

Never Ending #BDSFail In Tel Aviv At #contentisrael15

So many people flew in from all over the world to #contentisrael15 conference. What BDS?

Sunsplash BDS Fail

Make yourself a cup of Yogi tea, listen to some music, say "Aum" and have a Shabbat Shalom

Spanish Reggae Festival Admits To “Mistake”

Rototom Sunsplash organizers claim they acted under "pressure, coercion and threats" from BDS movement

Stanford’s Moral Vacuum On Israel

Stanford's Board of Trustees sticks it’s head in the sand and shows a complete lack of moral backbone.

Karma For UCLA’s Students For Justice In Palestine

SJP suddenly offended by hate speech, bigotry, and misrepresentations.

A Week Of Musical BDS Fails

Entertainers are coming to Israel. And it's no accident. It's DAVKA.

“BDS Victory” May See 900 Palestinians Out Of A Job

Sodastream is closing its doors in Ma'ale Adumim.

Noa Tishby Whispering In Mick Jagger’s Ear?

Mick Jagger gets by with a little help from his friends!
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