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WATCH: Breaking A Breaking the Silence ‘Activist’

Really not a fair fight

Lethal Journalism Made Simone Zimmerman

Telling our Jewish Indigenous story is the antidote to poisonous lethal journalism.

Michael Chabon Shoos Away Pesky Jews

Chabon becomes another "stock" character of the "occupation"

Breaking the Silence’s Web of Lies & Treason

The even more disturbing truth about Breaking the Silence

Hillel Lies On Army Radio: “J Street Columbia is NOT Part of Hillel!”

Hillel somehow argues that bringing in Breaking the Silence is good for Israel. Fails miserably.

The Hillel/Breaking the Silence Saga Continues – This Time With Spies!

We find out that they are even viler, sketchier, and more sinister than we could have imagined

Real Israeli Checkpoint Life Saving Story

Checkpoints have saved countless Israeli lives: they are absolutely essential because #RelentlessJihad never stops.

WATCH: Breaking The Silence Asking Questions Like Spies (UPDATED)

Breaking the Silence are caught asking serving soldiers for classified information.

J Street Convinces Hillel to Break the Rules, Support Breaking the Silence

Hillels across the country are hosting the notorious anti-Israel group, Breaking the Silence.

B’Tselem Member Seen Aiding Violent Rock Throwers

Which part of supporting the “human rights” of Palestinians enables B’Tselem to help with violence?

The Jewish Federation Backs a BDS Nini

The Jewish Federation is hot to host BDS-supporting Noa at its Israel Independence Day celebration.

“My Truth” Breaks The Silence

The lies of Breaking the Silence need to be broken. That is what My Truth is going to do.
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