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BDSHole Admits Defacing Property In CVS Pharmacies (UPDATED)

Today’s anti-Israel boycott is the runt-child of the state-level Arab boycott of the late 60’s and 70s. As this crumbled or became irrelevant, it was replaced by a rag tag bunch of street theatre artists who happened to have well-financed political and media backing. That’s something to always remember when this kind of low level, unimportant garbage goes on.

The BDS-Holes have been busy in New York. These BDS stickers have appeared on Israeli Sabra Hummus and other delicious and healthy products in CVS Pharmacies in New York City. People like Becky, below, reported this to CVS Pharmacies:

And CVS replied wanting to know precisely where this is.

The original poster has now confirmed it’s the CVS Pharmacy on 14th and 5th Ave (Union Square).

David Melech Israel has found this Mohammad Hamad claiming to be the one placing these stickers:

It’s probably a fake name but Facebook will obviously know more about him and, in response to a subpoena, could deliver up his real identity.

CVS Pharmacies will probably want to ask the police to look into this case. I’d say (if you can catch him with the roll of stickers in his hand) this should be the charge at least. If he damaged more than $250 worth of Hummus he could be facing something more serious.

NYC criminal code Graffiti

And CVS knows this now:

Let’s see what they do next.

Update 11:30 14 Jan 2016: Some more internet sleuthing and we seem to be learning more about Muhammad Hamad:

Which links to this:

Mohammad Hamad Brooklyn Pride rainbow facebook

And he also appears to be an alumni of  Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) and who is now a Program Administrator at this school and at that school, of course, it seems he’s involved with Students for Justice in Palestine.

“Those Palestinians in the diaspora are saying, ‘we are waiting’,” as they are refugees outside of their country”, said Mohammad Hamad, a New School student of Palestinian origin, who said he visited Gaza two summers ago.

Hamad described his arrival in Gaza, finding that there was camaraderie in the refugee camps. He said that some in the camp offered him food even when all they had was “one bag of rice”.

As usual the starvation libel: nobody has died of starvation in Gaza for years while a few hundred miles away in Syria 40,000 people are being truly starved. And this guy is sticking stickers on hummus.

So, as usual, we have someone living the American dream, filled with its tolerance for diversity happy to parade his hatred of Jews and Israel for all to see.

19 thoughts on “BDSHole Admits Defacing Property In CVS Pharmacies (UPDATED)”

  1. Sabra Hummus is readily available in any number of grocery stores in communities small and large located on the windswept plains of Iowa. To my knowledge, all containers are “sticker-free” in the Hawkeye state. Roasted pepper flavor is my personal favorite.

  2. Mohammad Hamad is with the City University of New York, Sociology Department

    He is also a board member of Brooklyn Pride Inc.;, you can contact him via [email protected] or [email protected] and discuss his failed falafel business (

  3. Sabra products are made in the USA. The author and the idiot boycotter missed that.

    Ask Mr. / Ms. Hamad if he/she/it would feel safer walking with his LGBT crowd in Tel Aviv or in Nabulus?

    Keep fighting for the people who would execute you on sight and brag about it.

  4. Sabra is an American company which makes its products n the USA.

    But because it has the “taint” of being 50% owned by an Israeli parent company, that is enough to boycott it.

    I just looked it up and Tribe Hummus is also American which produces its product in the USA.

    I do not think it is owned by any Israeli company.

    If so, we have a product that has NO connection whatsoever to Israel, yet it is still boycotted.

    Apparently, some of these people thought their ads were too “pro Israel”.

  5. I just contacted the FBI with this information. There are strict food- and product- tampering laws in the United States that emerged after the Chicago “Tylenol” murders. A prosecutor with a spine can have these terrorists sent to jail for a long long time.

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