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River to sea BDSBoycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) are tactics of political warfare used against Israel, intended to isolate it economically, culturally, and politically.

The BDS Movement (BDSM) claims it supports a two-state solution, and non-violent resistance. As many of my links below will show, this is absolutely false.

On this page, I am documenting many instance of the BDS Movement’s:

  • Antisemitism
  • Calling for violence/destruction of Israel and support of terrorism
  • Criminal activities
  • Suppression of free speech, bullying & nasty behavior
  • Lying and ignorance
  • Indifference to palestinians
  • Hypocrisy and stupidity

I have also documented high-profile opposition to BDS



BDS activists in Australia yell out antisemitic slurs

BDS activist caught boycotting kosher dills made in California

The antisemitism of BDS activist Fayyad Sbaihat

NSW Parliamentarians connect BDS with antisemitism

Antisemitism shown by BDS activist Fabienne Roth

BDS activist Roger Waters’ blatant antisemitism

Students talk about antisemitism they have encountered on US campuses from BDS activists

Calling for violence/terror support/destruction of Israel

Ties between BDS and terror-linked charities

Video on the BDS connection to terrorism

BDS supporter Malia Bouattia tacitly supporting palestinian terrorism

BDS activist Roger Waters says palestinian violence “a moral duty”

BDS activist Muhammed Desai justifies calls for the shooting of Jews

LGBTQ BDS activists call for Israel’s destruction

BDS activist calls for one state

BDS activist Mick Napier calls for Israel’s destruction

BDS activist Rima Najjar Kapitan calls for Israel’s destruction

BDS activist Ronnie Kasrils shows support for Iran, Syria and Hizbullah, while others shout “Shoot the Jew”

BDS activist in Australia calling for Israel’s destruction

BDS activists in Australia again calling for Israel’s destruction

Terror support by BDS activists on US campuses

BDS activist posting “Hamas & Sharia law have taken over UC Davis- Israel will fall Insha-Allah”

BDS activists in Australia calling for an “intifada”

BDS activist corresponds with purported Hamas supporter

BDS activist Jim Bollan calls Hamas “freedom fighters”

BDS activist Jim McElhill leaves nasty comments on this blog

BDS group hosts unrepentant terrorist


BDS activist defaces property in CVS pharmacies

BDS activist jailed for acid attack on woman manning a Kedem stall

BDS activists encourage people to vandalize store products

BDS activist assaults pro-Israel activist

BDS activists vandalize Tesco store

BDS activists distribute fake NY Times

BDS activists defacing goods in Tesco

BDS activist assaults pro-Israel woman

BDS activists in Australia assaulting an elderly man

Suppression of free speech, bullying & nasty behavior

BDS activists in Spain engage in campaign of pressure, coercion and threats to have Matisyahu performance cancelled

BDS activists shut down pro-Israel ones at Columbia University

BDS activist rips pro Israel posters

BDS activists lie about a piece of Israeli tech

BDS activists try to silence pro-Israel student Jesse Arm

BDS activists disrupt Israeli show, leading to its cancellation

BDS activist Amy Hagopian grabs iPad of someone recording lecture

BDS activists refuse to show Israeli film about disabled children

BDS activist Marsha Levine snubs 13-year-old Israeli child

BDS activists abuse Holocaust survivor and call him a Nazi

BDS activist Joseph Loughnane launches into abusive, foul-mouthed tirade

BDS activists threaten singer-songwriter Salif Keita

BDS activists co-opt Anne Frank

BDS activists co-opt Holocaust Remembrance Day

BDS activists disrespecting Jewish holy site

BDS activist co-opting Holocaust

BDS activists cyberbully anti-divestment voter

Caught lying/not being in command of the facts

BDS activist not knowing who Abbas is

University of Washington BDS activist caught lying

BDS activists caught lying about incident

BDS activist claims Israel prevents palestinians from fishing in Dead Sea

High profile opposition to BDS

Helen Mirren says BDS is a mistake

Helen Mirren again opposing BDS

Canadian parliament passes motion against BDS

Canadian MP Tom Kmiec rips BDS

Canadian MP Anthony Housefather rips BDS

Alphaville lead singer Marian Gold says he doesn’t “Give a sh*t” about BDS

Suzanne Vega laments BDS bullies

Heavy metal rockers attack BDS and Roger Waters

Palestinian human rights advocate Bassem Eid attacks BDS

Michael Douglas rips BDS

Muslim student rips BDS

Alan Parson rejects BDS calls of Roger Waters

Phil Soussan rips BDS

Jason Isaacs rejects BDS

Canadian Minister For Multiculturalism Tim Uppal condemns BDS vote At University Of Windsor

Ross the Boss rejects BDS

Scarlett Johansson rejects BDS

Mahmoud Abbas opposes BDS of Israel

Norman Finkelstein slams BDS

Roseanne Barr rips BDS

Australian senator Mitch Fifield rips BDS

Ali Halimeh, palestinian ambassador in South Africa, slams BDS activists

Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd takes stand against BDS

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop rips BDS

Tom Jones speaks out against BDS

Craig David opposes BDS

Eagles of Death Metal tell Roger Waters and BDS where to go

Cruachan speak out against BDS

Stevie Van Zandt rips BDS proponents

South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord tells BDS where to go

Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall attacks BDS

Indifference to Palestinians

Arab jobs at risk due to BDS

Gazans benefit from Israeli food products BDS activists are boycotting

BDS opposition to Caterpillar could result in palestinian job losses

Hypocrisy & stupidity

BDS organization SJP caught using Israeli company Wix

BDS activist asks Israeli trance group to boycott Israel

BDS activist Max Blumenthal caught using Israeli company Wix

BDS activists Code Pink caught using Israeli company Wix

BDS activist Wael Elasady working from company that acquired Israeli startup

BDS activist Joseph Dana writes tourist piece for Israel

BDS activist caught on video willing to do business with world’s worst human rights violators, but not Israel

BDS activists at University of Denver caught using Israeli company Wix

BDS activist Medea Benjamin exposed as Caterpillar shareholder

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