WATCH: Where Does Ryan Bellerose Come From

I’ve been on a few road trips with Ryan Bellerose over the last few weeks. Israel is pretty small and those of us here tend to know this. We’ve travelled up and down Judea and Samaria, driven to Beit Shemesh to the west of Jerusalem and this week we were bouncing around over rocks in the Judean Desert till we could look down onto Masada and the Dead Sea. Ryan’s also been to Nazareth and Zichron Ya’akov so he’s been getting about a bit.

Starting in Tel Aviv it’s pretty hard to drive more than four hours without falling out of the country. It’s a very small land.

So for our readers more familiar with countries the size of Canada or the United States, here’s a little video I made showing Paddle Prairie, Alberta, where Ryan comes from with Israel and a few other countries thrown in for scale.

So there is a lot of empty space in the world. But there’s only one indigenous land of the Jews. And that’s Israel.

I used something called TrueSize which is great for doing this sort of comparison.

And here is a Google map:


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