Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Ian Robert Millard (Formerly Of Exeter UK)


Meet Ian Robert Millard, who came to my attention with this nasty tweet after I exposed Sue Clark.

His profile photo might be that of a cat, but this is what he really looks like.

ian millard

And how do I know this? From here, which also features this photo from Anguilla:


Now look at Millard’s Twitter profile.

millard twitter

Ok, now that we know what he looks like, the question is what else do we know about him?

It seems he lived in France in 2012 but current whereabouts are unknown.

He also used to be a lawyer.

millard lawyer2

As to why he no longer practices, at least one person claims this is the reason (I could not verify this).

Millard is a thoroughly odious fellow who was forced from his chambers in Exeter because he embarrassed his fellow barristers. He has since relocated to mainland Europe where he is being investigated for Holocaust denial which, as you may know, is a criminal offence in several countries there and which may result in incarceration for Millard in the near future.

(Although it looks like his practice might still be around)

But sure enough, Millard’s Twitter timeline is filled with some of the most vile antisemitism imaginable, including Holocaust denial, admiring pics of Hitler and Nazi era propaganda. Here is just a sample (note the familiar face in the first tweet).

millard rt1

You can see more of his vile antisemitism here.

Ian Robert Millard, thanks for playing anti-Zionist-not-antisemite. Unfortunately, you lose!

(Thanks to reader Bob for his research into this odious person)

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