UK Warning: Comic Relief And Sport Relief Are Bad For Israel

comic_relief_button antisemitismMy friend Edgar has a very important post. The BBC and all the media push these charities very hard. Schools collect money and everyone is coerced into it without a great deal of attention paid to the specifics of where ALL the money goes.

This is what Edgar writes (more at his blog):

No matter how many times I warn people about this it seems they do not get it, so let me spell it out this time in very simple terms:

  • Comic Relief (and its subsidiary Sport Relief) is an enormous scam run by leftist political extremists that is deceiving the decent British public (especially kids) into giving their hard earned money for campaigns that are generally far removed from the ‘feeding the starving Africans’ portrayed on the BBC.
  • If you look at the projects Comic Relief funds it is clear that the bulk of the money raised actually goes to political and environmental activists under the guise of ‘social justice’ (a euphemism for communism).
  • A large proportion of  Comic Relief’s funding goes to the four charities that are most involved in pure anti-Israel propaganda: War on Want, Christian Aid, Oxfam, and Save the Children. While Comic Relief claims that it is careful to ensure the money it gives to these charities is not directly spent on anti-Israel propaganda, one of these charities – War on Want*** –  essentially does nothing other than campaign for the destruction of the Jewish State. In the case of Oxfam some of their funding has been used to pay for pure antisemitic incitement among Palestinians, including resurrecting the blood libel that Jews ritually slaughter Christian children and consume their blood on Passover. Yes it really is that bad.
  • Because of the free publicity the BBC provides Comic Relief with its farcical jamboree, other genuinely worthy charities suffer reduced donations.

So, unless you are an antisemite or an international socialist, I am sure you can find many more deserving charities to give your hard-earned cash to than Comic Relief (just make sure it also is not any of these). It is always best to give direct to a specific charity whose work you know you want to help.

***I have just discovered that, despite all of this, Comic Relief has just given their biggest grant ever to War on Want (£590,719) for a project that ends in August 2020). You can see the latest list of their grants here.

This is another post by Edgar: and here is another gem courtesy of Comic Relief

CARE sports relief

While updating information today about anti-Israel charities funded by Comic Relief (and its subsidiary Sport Relief) I did some checks on organisations (other than those I have already reported on) who received big grants.

One such organisation – CARE International – currently has a £1 million grant from Comic Relief. Among its activities, this charity funds ‘humanitarian work’ in Gaza, but it is not overtly political and anti-Israel in the same way as War on Want, Oxfam, Christian Aid and Save the Children***.  However, on its web page I found the above image of a 39-year old woman (Mariam) in Gaza who clearly feels it is her duty to give birth to as many ‘martyrs’ as she can, since she says: “We must have many children here, because we lose so many in the wars”. Even ignoring the implied blood libel that Israel kills children, it is not at all clear to me why anybody in the West should be funding this kind of ‘humanitarian aid’; it is inconceivable that aid to provide an ever-ending conveyor belt of ‘martyrs’ would be provided by charities to any other people in the world except the Palestinians.

Much more here.


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