Real Israeli Checkpoint Life Saving Story

In light of the “work” of Breaking the Silence (BtS) which is highlighted in the explosive video shared last night, it’s time for another real, named, testimony from a soldier on active service keeping my kids and I safe from terrorists.

I experience security checks multiple times each day in Israel. Arabs do too. If they really stopped trying to kill us, all these checkpoints would melt away in months.

From My Truth on Facebook:

Alon Malik My Truth testimony IDF soldiers

Alon Malik on duty saving lives – Photo: My Truth

My name is Alon Malik and I served as a fighter in the Kfir infantry unit between 2008 and 2011, and a significant part of my military service was spent on the front lines, in different areas within the West Bank.

One of the regular activities in our service was to man a “pillbox” guard post, which overlooked the entrance to a village, in order to check for weapons.

Now is the place to note that nobody we encountered ever experienced any kind of harassment, abuse, or any kind of disturbance. On the contrary, every single person who passed our way was treated entirely appropriately. The routine was unpleasant, but it was nothing compared to the cases when we received hot reports of potential terror attacks and we were forced to check cars one by one as they exited the village.

The time I best remember was at the beginning of January 2010. At ten in the morning we received an instruction from the command room to perform thorough checks following a severe warning about a vehicle which may be smuggling weapons and ammunition to terrorists in order to perform a terror attack. Just as we started to do as instructed and check the passing vehicles, a few women from “Checkpoint Watch” approached us and came within a few meters of us.

We were already used to them coming on the weekend to take photos and videos of us. This time they started to curse us and scream at us, shoved their cameras in our faces and even to push us and try to pull us forcefully away from the vehicles we were checking. The resulting disorder following their disruptances caused massive crowding and a long backlog of cars at the exit to the village. Within a few minutes the situation became utterly chaotic as dozens of Palestinians gathered around us while the women confronted my commander and myself.

I’ll never forget those few moments, during which I found myself standing there as a barrier against six adult women, with ages ranging between that of my mother and grandmother, spitting awful curses at as, like “disgusting Nazi”, “how is your mother not embarrassed that her son acts like one of Hitler’s soldiers?” and other horrible, outrageous things. When they tried to force their way past me, I was compelled to spread my arms and gently block them reaching the commander who was checking the vehicles at the time in order to ease the overload and to manage the situation. And then, in the freezing cold of the deepest winter, there in the Hebron hills, two of the women started pouring water on me from their drinking bottles, while pushing and cursing me, something which continued for a few minutes until the company command team arrived and cleared them away from the area after half an hour of trouble-making in which they distracted us from preventing the next terror attack, by attempts at shaming and disturbing us from performing our duty.

Ah yes, ten minutes after the Checkpoint Watch women left our checkpoint, we stopped a red Toyota car, and found an M-16 assault rifle and two magazines.

As an Israeli, I know full well how the situation is complicated, and I respect all opinions, but as a soldier who’s sent to perform assignments in the field, I know exactly what efforts are made in order to reduce the harm for whoever doesn’t need to be harmed. Therefore, to see civilian organisations using us, the soldiers, to promote their own agenda is unacceptable, and harms the soldiers more than anyone.

You really can’t make this stuff up. Whereas it’s been proved that Breaking the Silence largely does. And while we’re on the subject of BtS, here’s who pays for their subversive work (source NGO Monitor):

My Truth have so far only raised funds by crowd funding and a donation from an Israeli business man. European nations have not been quick to offer funds. Most of the work on the project has been done on a completely volunteer basis. Quite a contrast to BtS’s international road show.


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