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Reader Post: Faces of Israel

We live in an age where we are promised freedom and democracy in the majority of countries around the world.

We are promised that as Jews we are equal to all other citizens and are reassured our lives will be safe in our country of choice.

We are promised “never again.”

We are promised freedom and yet what is it’s worth when Jews still cannot walk safely in many streets with a kippah on their heads?

We are promised equality and safety and yet what is it worth when terrorist attacks against Jewish people and places such as synagogues and stores occur all the time?

Israel is not perfect nor will it ever be. God knows how many flaws this country has and how much of a way it still has to go.

In Israel you will still feel the antisemitism of the world.

You will be treated at time unequally and feel unsafe due to the amount of terror attacks and enemies both living in the countries boarders and around it.

Yet I can promise you one thing about Israel. You will never have to deal with these issues alone and they will not be silenced.

I can promise you that no matter how many terror attacks executed you will still feel at home because there’s no other land as special and as beautiful taking such a huge space in your heart.

No other people as caring and giving that will give everything to help another in need of it.

No other country in which such a high percentage would die for the words “if you will it, it is no dream.”

For thousands of years Jews were wronged and not given rights equal to those around them.

Jewish blood was brutally spilled.
In pogroms.
On the streets.
In their own homes.
Through knife.
With gun.
In gas chambers.
And from the millions of cries of pain, from the millions of dreams and longings for a country to call our own, you were chosen.
Chosen to live in a time after this country was built on blood and endless determination, faith and love.
Chosen to walk it’s hills and breath its air.
Chosen to vote in its elections for leaders and fight its wars.
Chosen to defend it and love it by being a part of it.
Of this country.
Of this dream.
Of a land and a people.
Of Israel.

Hatred and cruelty will never cease to exist but it will never defeat us for our strength is in our unity.

What Israel has promised is that never again will we fight alone.

Each and every one of us is different. Different background, family, traditions and life style yet we live together and that is our strength.

We fight for the same cause — for a dream and a love that we rather perish keeping alive than let die in the hands of hatred.

Let us celebrate our unity by celebrating our differences.

Let us answer the hatred thrown toward us with smiles and love.

Let us celebrate Israel.

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