The Daily Mail Blows Up Palestinian Terror Funding

Daily Mail front page funding terrorismIt’s hard to overstate what the Daily Mail (Mail on Sunday) has done in the UK today.

They’ve completely blown the lid off the scandal of foreign aid and specifically UK Government money being sent to the Palestinian Authority and being used to pay salaries to the murderers of Jews. They’ve put this within a massive series of articles that lists huge waste and probably fraud across the UK’s entire foreign aid budget.

I’ve put the entire top of the Daily Mail website on the right of the post so you can see the scale and context of where they’ve put the pieces.

This is the headline and lede of the main article:

Revealed, how UK aid funds TERRORISTS: After yet more budget cuts, another £12bn of your taxes are being splurged on foreign hand-outs for militants, killers, Palestinian palaces and jobs that don’t exist

  • Daily Mail funding terroristsMail On Sunday investigation shows that UK money has funded terrorists
  • £72million was given to Palestine, which spent £8million on a new palace
  • £5.9million was given to a US-based think-tank which has a £12million HQ
  • You can sign the MoS petition to force a Commons debate on spending

The article gives in depth details including pictures of terrorists who are free (released in exchange deals) and receiving money for their past crimes.

I’ll pull out one detail that I’m glad someone is talking about. The whole issue of the complete shadow civil service in Gaza. When Hamas came in they didn’t kill or exile all of Fatah’s people (just some). Those working for the civil services stopped working and their jobs started being done by Hamas people. Only their salaries didn’t stop: Fatah pays them for jobs they don’t do and Hamas pays the new people! The UK says it doesn’t fund Hamas, but by massively supporting the economy in Gaza this way, Hamas gets to spend its money on terror tunnels and rockets.

Daily Mail Gaza money for nothing money shotThis is Gaza:

Getting paid from Britain while living here means you can have a good life,’ he said, although he added that his home was devastated in Israeli air strikes two years ago.

The salary payments are a legacy of the Palestinian divisions since Hamas took control of Gaza from Fatah, the rival faction recognised by the international community.

At least 60,000 officials were told to stop working by Fatah yet are still being paid. Many of them have been replaced by Hamas officials.

Mohammad Aboshair, 37, a police officer, said: ‘We hoped it would not last long. It is really wrong to stay in our homes and get paid without jobs. I wanted to serve my country, not become a burden – this is crazy.’ Three years ago auditors urged the EU to stop the salaries. Critics condemned ‘blatant misuse of taxpayers’ money’ that undermined the credibility of Brussels when millions of Europeans were jobless. Dfid sources said the cash went only to civil servants on an approved EU list and insisted they took precautions to ensure British aid did not support Hamas.

You have to see all the coverage to get a picture of the scope of work done by the Daily Mail, but I urge you to start with this one:

Revealed, how Britain’s foreign aid funds TERRORISTS: After yet more budget cuts, another £12bn of your taxes are being splurged on hand-outs for killers, Palestinian palaces and jobs that don’t exist

They’ve also got a petition to sign (if you’re a UK citizen):

Now YOU can end the foreign aid madness by signing official petition that forces MPs act: Click in here to get your voice heard

UPDATE 17:00: First I should note that the Daily Mail’s petition is really taking off: it has 75,000 signatures since this morning. I also want to note this article by Arnold Roth is so significant I must link to it here.

At the heart of the revelations published in today’s Mail on Sunday is the ongoing fraud perpetrated by the conniving Palestinian Authority to hide its REWARD FOR TERROR scheme, and the active involvement of hundreds (maybe more) of European politicians and bureaucrats – many of them British – in funneling the indispensable cash without which it could not happen.

Did we say active involvement? Yes, and about a year ago we outlined how it’s done. (See “02-Jun-15: The obvious, petty lies that keep European money flowing into the hands of the PA’s terrorists“). To save readers from searching back in time, here it in bare-bones form.

  • In essence, the Palestinian Authority, under its “moderate” front man Mahmoud Abbas PA has been engaging in a clever little trick since 2014 to hide the way it takes foreign aid from the West and uses it to fund that scheme.

  • From time, the scheme has been mildly criticized. (Our 2015 article provides links.) The clever Abbas and his fellow kleptocrats eventually understood that defensive measures were needed in order to protect the in-flow of Euros and pounds. What they did was startlingly brazen and simple.

  • They tore down their Ministry of Prisoners Affairs one evening, and overnight (in August 2014) replaced it with a brand-spanking-new, purpose-built entity that they claim has nothing whatsoever to do with the Palestinian Authority. The switcheroo is of course completely bogus and works only because public servants and their political masters in various European governments want oh-so-badly for there to be a fig leaf to cover their nakedness.’

Read it all.


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