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Daily Mail Falsely Reports Jeopardy Issued Apology for Ruling Bethlehem is in Israel and...

The Daily Mail has reported on the 'Church of the Nativity' Jeopardy controversy - but has done so incorrectly.

The Daily Mail Sets the Bar For Bad Mistakes

The Daily Mail with one hell of a gaffe

The Daily Mail Plays Dirty

Shame on the Daily Mail for this shameless dishonesty and lack of any journalistic ethics.

Daily Mail Tries to Pass Off Old Video as Footage of Latest Gaza Death

This goes beyond "mere" manipulation of emotions into outright lie territory

Daily Mail Once Again Shines Spotlight On PA Terror Funding

Britain's Daily Mail has come out with a new damning report on PA terror funding

Daily Mail Covers UK Funding Of Terrorist Incitement In Schools

Shining a spotlight on the revolting incitement in Palestinian society paid for by foreign aid.

The Daily Mail’s Moment of Truth


Indian Journalist Super Impressed By Israeli President’s Visit; Wants Closer Ties

Kanchan Gupta has written a great piece in the Daily Mail about Israeli President Reuven Riblin's recent trip to India

Naz Shah Pretending Her Own Children Are Dead To Slander Israel

Fat chance her re-tweet was a one off.

The UK Parliament Will Debate Foreign Aid Paying Palestinian Terrorists

A personal story about Kay Wilson and the two monsters who attacked her and killed Kristine Luken cannot be ignored

Reset The Labour Jew Hatred Counter

If you think Hitler is the greatest man in history, you are probably already in the Labour party.

Kay Wilson’s Amazing Story Featured In Daily Mail (UPDATED)

The goal really is to provided the conditions where Palestinian society is FORCED to change direction.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Talks About Daily Mail Terror Funding On i24News

Amazing interview with Kay Wilson and with the journalist responsible for the explosive UK terror funding story.

The Daily Mail Blows Up Palestinian Terror Funding

Probably one of the most significant articles about Israel in the UK press for years.


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