Pegasus: On a Wing and a Prayer – Horse and Donkey Rescue in Israel

There are so many reasons to love Israel and the people and here are just another one – Pegasus Animal Rescue, specializing in the rescue of Donkeys and Horses in Israel, founded by Zvika Tamuz.

The Story of Pegasus

The webpage states:

“The Pegasus Society was founded by Zvika Tamuz of “Moked Hai” (“Living Hotline”), who has been rescuing animals since 1993. Zvika has raised horses for more than twenty years. In 2004 he became aware of the phenomenon of horse and donkey abuse in Israel, ever since different animal welfare organizations began referring him cases involving these animals, knowing that he had the know-how and the place to care for them, since he kept horses of his own.

News that somebody takes care of horses and donkeys spread quickly. The National Traffic Police, the National Roads Association and municipal vets, who did not know what to do with these animals, also took the opportunity to call Zvika every time they encountered a stray horse or donkey wandering alone in traffic.”

A New “Leap” on Life for the Abused Animals in Israel

A friend came along to help Zvika with Pegasus: Ms. Eti Altman, a spokesperson of the “Let the Animals Live” organization. She stepped in and wrote to state and government agencies urging them to help with the expensive upkeep in the saving of the abused donkeys and horses. Up until then, Zvika Tamuz had been paying for the rescues out of his own pocket.
No donkey or horse was left abandoned. Even if it took Zvika seven days a week at all hours, he rescued each one. Thanks to Eti Altman, the Ministry of Environmental Protection now assists with funding although they still welcome donations. They have a secret and secure location in which to treat and rehabilitate the animals, called ‘Susita,’ and it is run by the Pegasus Society. Some of the animals make this their permanent home.

An Exciting New Project for the Future

The web page states:

“One of the upcoming projects the Pegasus Society intends to launch in the near future is an educational program, in the Jewish and Arab sectors alike, with the intention of passing on to the younger generation the message of compassion and caring for animals.”

The Story of Or – January 2015

Little Or was a one year old donkey that Zvika rescued off the streets. She had been terribly abused and she was very sad.  Thankfully, with the help of Zvika, his team and the Vet Dr. Or, they were able to save her and bring the light back in her life. Her name means light in Hebrew.

Or & her Rescuer

Or & her Rescuer

Or Being Treated by the Vet

Or Being Treated by the Vet

Zvika and Or

Zvika and Or


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