Bassem Tamimi (Shirley Temper’s Father) Disseminating Antisemitism On Facebook


The last we heard of Bassem Tamimi – otherwise known as the father and chief exploiter of his daughter Ahed Tamimi (aka Shirley Temper) – he claimed to have had his US Visa revoked, following some anti-Israel lawfare.

But its business as usual for Bassem. Besides filming his weekly propaganda at Nabi Saleh, starring his own children, he’s engaging in a little antisemitism.

صباحكم فلسطيني ست شركات يهوديه تسيطر على 96%من الإعلام العالمي واحنا نسيطر على أعلام الفتنه والردح والتكفير ومحطات تفسير الاحلام وبيع الأوهام ومنابر الإفتاء في جهاد النكاح وما يجوز وما يباح

Posted by Bassem Tamimi on Friday, April 1, 2016

And a screenshot, in case he takes this down:

bassem tamimi post

(It links to this putrid article:

Because it is about the so-called “occupation.”

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