5 Signs You’re In A Muslim Migrant Berlin Neighborhood [Photo Essay]


The following photographs were taken in the Berlin borough of Neukölln, a growing outpost for Muslim migrants but which also has its parts for hipsters. Arabic speech/ signs, women in hijabs, and lots of men were ubiquitous when I passed through. Here are the top signs you’re in a Muslim neighborhood in Germany; I know, because we have them in Israel.

5. Lots of kabob joints and a bakery named “Al Jazeera”


4. Signs for Islam enrichment sponsored by Israel’s dearest “neighbors”


3. Coffee shops for men only, where posses of men smoke cigarettes and hookahs (their replacement for bars)


2. Window shopping for tacky, glittery wedding gowns and modest Muslim outfits


1. Left-wing Jewish allies


This post was modified from its original version in Orit’s blog in the Jewish Journal, “An Israeli Refugee in Berlin.”

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