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Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites Strike in Cologne, Germany

The Israel-haters once again show that they are invariably antisemitic - and even show the similarities between them and the Nazis
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A Berlin-Tel Aviv Olympics in 2036?

German sport officials offered up a plan for Berlin and Tel Aviv to hold the Olympics together, according to Insider Sport

Israel-Hater Stavit Sinai Convicted of Assault in German Court

A Berlin court convicted on Monday a BDS activist for assaulting people during a presentation by an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust at the Humboldt University in the capital.

So-Called “Non-Violent” Resistance Supporters Violently Assault Attendees at Israeli Film Festival

A group of BDS activists violently assaulted visitors at the Israeli Seret International film festival on Sunday in Berlin, causing injuries

Our President Is Still More Awesome Than Your President

Yet another reason why Israeli President Ruvi Rivlin rocks

WATCH: Man Physically Attacked at Anti-Israel Event…For Yelling “Israel”

The anti-Israel crowd are all about violence - so it does not surprise me they would resort to it themselves when encountered with someone who does not share their vile views about Israel.

As a German…

As a German, I would never have thought I'd be writing this only 70 years after 6 million Jewish men, women and children were...

There’s Something About Roland

Meet Roland

Caption This: When Angela Met Bibi

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently in Israel, and this photo of her with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is just begging for a caption

Did Germany Get Its (Soccer) Balls Back?

The German soccer player of Turkish descent, Mezut Özil, has taken a play right out of the palestinian playbook

How Can Germans Overcome Their Guilt Over the Holocaust?

Orit offers the recipe for overcoming Holocaust guilt

Terror Group PFLP on Election Ballot For German Bundestag

This is nothing short of outrageous.

The Sexiest German Israel Advocates

Orit is back with her latest "sexiest" list

Terror Supporter Norman Finkelstein’s Latest Gig

The Rat Fink has a gig...thanks to a German institute
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