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Orit Arfa is an author / journalist / philosopher/ painter / singer / songwriter / video-producer, whose works challenge the worldview of almost everybody. For examples, read her novels The Settler about what happens when a Gush Katif settler walks into a Tel Aviv bar, and Underskin, a steamy German-Israeli romance. Visit her website: www.oritarfa.net.

Did Germany Get Its (Soccer) Balls Back?

The German soccer player of Turkish descent, Mezut Özil, has taken a play right out of the palestinian playbook

Top 10 Fail Moments of Berlin’s Jerusalem Exhibition [Photo Essay]

As someone who has lived, loved, and cried in this troubled and glorious city through some of its bloodiest and most exciting times, Orit presents the exhibition’s top ten fail moments

How Can Germans Overcome Their Guilt Over the Holocaust?

Orit offers the recipe for overcoming Holocaust guilt

Stop the #NaziWashing

Next time you catch someone engaging in this practice, call them out as #NaziWashers

He Knew Me as Michelle

Orit's eulogy for one of the victims of the Temple Mount attack

WATCH: World Premiere of Music Video “The Mount And I”

Orit's latest in time for Trump's visit

The Sexiest German Israel Advocates

Orit is back with her latest "sexiest" list

“State of Palestine” Showcased at Berlin Tourism Fair

Orit sees The State of Palestine booth at the largest tourism trade fair in the world

WATCH: Interview With German Israel Advocate Andreas Boldt In Wake Of Berlin Terror Attack

Orit interviews Andreas about the terrorist attack at the Berlin Christmas market and what is going through the minds of average Germans

Exclusive: From Jew-Hating Gazan to Lover of Israel

A hopeful story of one man's transformation

WATCH: Israeli Plays “America” at RNC

A moving moment

Al Quds Day #EpicFail in Berlin

An eye witness account from Orit in Germany
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