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I engaged a hater the other day. “Occupy London” posted the following with a link to a Forward article about tunnels in Gaza.

Another attack on “the Left”. Why didn’t “the Left” condemn the armed resistance of the Warsaw Ghetto? Why didn’t “the Left” condemn black people in South Africa under apartheid? Some of them carried out terrorist attacks too. If European colonists were colonising the United States today “the Left” should be browbeaten into also condemning native Americans for resisting.

Damn “the Left” always looking at situations in terms of who’s committing the greater crime, who does the power imbalance favour and who bears overall responsibility…

Why can “the Left” be like the right on Gaza: silent and complicit in the gross war crime of Collective Punishment against an entire civilian population.

Ryan Brian and Kay doing Indigenous Things in Jewish Indegenous Lands
Ryan, Brian and Kay doing Indigenous Things in Jewish Indigenous Lands – Photo: other indigenous Jewish hikers using Brian’s camera.

To which I replied:

Jews and Judaism are indigenous. Islam conquered and invaded. We could live happily with Christians but Islam won’t accept Jews running their own affairs and not submitting to Dhimmitude under Islam.

Arabs are fighting the correct war to eject a colonial occupation.

Trouble is Jews aren’t colonial occupiers, we’re home. So their ridiculous war will fail. Always.

There’s no part of their cause which is just and their methods are the worst in the world. You reveal your own hatred by backing them.

Rather unsurprisingly Occupy London said:

Brian John Thomas is indigenous to the Middle East… Right.

To which I replied:

Yup. My culture, language and a myriad of the details that make me a Jew originated and formed on this land of ours. No other culture that exists in the world today is so closely tied to the hills and shore I’m standing on now. My ancestors are buried here and no matter where my people were scattered to for the last 2000 years we never stopped looking to return and rebuild our home.

And we did.

And we are the beacon of light every other dispossessed indigenous people look to. We got our home back and we made it succeed despite the vicious attacks from the colonial Muslims. And we will continue to succeed and keep making it better.

Occupy London:

“We are a beacon of light every other dispossessed people look to”.

Well not Palestinians obviously as their dispossession was to create a (second) homeland for you.

Yes: the remnants of the Islamic invasion and conquest of Israel are upset that we’ve reversed their Jihad and reclaimed what was taken from us by conquest.

Now if they could accept that Judaism is going to be the primary culture and live alongside us peacefully (as more than a million Arabs in Israel largely do) then we could all get along.

Judaism does not impose onerous restrictions on the practice of other faiths; we don’t destroy or prevent the re-building of houses of worship of other faiths; we don’t try to erase anybody’s history; we don’t insist others wear special clothing denoting their non-citizen status; we don’t have different laws for different people; in short Judaism is very tolerant. The worst that could be said is that we have arguments over whether the buses should run on Friday nights and Saturdays.

I suspect if they were all Christian instead of Muslim we’d be living very happily together.

The issue is that Islam is a supremacist religion which can’t exist as a minority under anyone (for any length of time) and especially not under Jews. Jews are the people a great many Muslims curse 17 times a day in prayer as “those who have gone astray”. We are forever guilty of being the people who rejected the prophethood of Mohammed and I don’t think they’ll ever manage to get over that.

I’m sorry, you probably aren’t equipped to deal with coherent argument. But that’s fine, you just “occupy London” until you too are told it’s the 4th holiest city in Islam and you better live under Sharia.

Which is where it ends. I guess he/she/ze doesn’t have anything further to say.

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