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You Could Rewrite This BBC Story About Faroe Islands For Israel

The revival of Hebrew as a modern spoken language is a vital part of making Israel great again

Jews Are Not White

It’s any Jew's job to know their own origin. That job is not a burden; it's a holy and precious gift.


It's not fair, it's not balanced, it's simple unfettered truth.

Do Palestinians Deserve A State?

Which terrorist atrocity was it that finally convinced you they deserve a state?

Don’t Be Fooled By Bogus Surveys Conducted By Colonizers

The Redskins name, as well as the use of a people as a mascot, is offensive

WATCH: Brian Explains Who’s Indigenous

In which Brian explains the grounds for considering Jews to be indigenous to Israel.

WATCH: Indigenous Brian Talks To London

As you’ll hear, it’s heavily influenced by Ryan Bellerose’s indigenous Jews arguments.

Indigenous Arguments

“Brian John Thomas is indigenous to the Middle East... Right.” - yup, turns out I am.
boy with israeli flag

Why Israel?

Ryan tells it like it is

If Not Now, When Else Will These Israel Bashers Passover The Opportunity To Undermine...

That moment you co-opt the very thing that undermines your case

Hearts And Minds

Why are you losing the Jewish millennials?

The Danger of Compromising Our Indigenous Identity

The idea that "Jews and Palestinians are both indigenous" is not a fair compromise, and is actually dangerous.

The Deliberate Extermination Of Judaism In Yemen

Yemenite Jews have more right to be in Yemen than the alien Arab/Muslim culture that’s replaced them by conquest.


You can be the change we need, I believe that, or I would have stayed on the Rez in Paddle.
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