Evil Terror In Tel Aviv, And Evil Reactions To It (Updated)


Terrorists have fired on civilians in Tel Aviv’s popular Sarona Market, killing 3 and seriously injuring 4 others. According to some reports, they had dressed up as ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Meanwhile, we are seeing some truly evil reactions from the usual suspects..



fatah statement

(those are our “peace partners”)

Some in the media.

The Electronic Intifada (and a former NY Times staff member).

ali abunimah tweet

And a bunch of others terror supporters and apologists.





Meanwhile, palestinians are celebrating.

I will unfortunately be updating this post with more evil reactions.

Update: The haters have created a special hashtag to tweet about it. You can follow the tweets here. For the translation, click on the timestamp of a tweet on bottom right of it and then ‘View translation’ link.

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