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Latest Libel: Execution of a Palestinian Worshiper

Quds News Network and others have alleged that Israel "executed" a "palestinian worshiper"

Slicing Through the Latest Palestinian Propaganda Lies

An attempted terror attack and the palestinian propaganda machine goes into overdrive

Another Terror Attack And Palestinians Celebrate

This morning, one Israeli was murdered and two others were injured in two terror attacks outside Ariel

Haters Try to Connect NZ Mosques’ Massacre To Israel

Palestinian Arabs and other Israel haters have tried to connect the horrendous mosque massacres in New Zealand to Israel and the Jewish people.

This Is Why The Palestinians Do Not Deserve a State. Or Good Things

Yes, I realize the title of this post may seem harsh, but it was well-considered.

Murder of a Hero of Israel: Ari Fuld z”l

It is with a heavy heart that I post this: my good friend Ari Fuld was today murdered by a palestinian terrorist.

Palestinians Celebrate Murder of Israelis In Har Adar Terror Attack (With Video)

While the palestinians incite, perpetrate and glorify murder, there is no chance for peace

WATCH: Terrorist Stunned By Pizza Tray

Pizza Man in action

Another Terror Attack, Another Ordinary Hero Is Born

Another ordinary Israeli does the extraordinary to stop a terrorist

Exporting How To Kill To The UK

Two Palestinian terror exports to the UK: bomb making and vehicle Jihad barriers.

What We Learn From The Palestinian Reactions To Latest Jerusalem Terror Attack

I want to turn your attention to on another aspect of this story: The reactions of the terrorist organizations
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