Israel Can’t Even Get A Siege Right!

I’m going to show you in a moment why watching the Israeli siege of Gaza is an irritating example of Jewish ineptitude. Jews pride themselves on their inventiveness and on being a start-up nation. I guess we are too busy thinking up new apps and medical miracles and the mundane business of running a blockade just gets overlooked. Either that, or our hearts just aren’t in it. The result is a boring litany of blockade incompetence.

But first I want to show you how the idea of a blockade and siege is used for propaganda.

I don’t know about you, but it looks to me that the kids in this photo are dressed in new, clean clothes. I think the Middle East Monitor could have done a better job of finding kids that actually look poor. I’m not saying that there are no poor kids in Gaza because there are. But just like this photo looks fake, so is their accusation of an Israeli siege and blockade of Gaza. Let us also remember that Egypt has closed their gates to Gaza, but nobody cares about what Muslim countries do or appear to do.

Anyway, here is what is boring about the siege Israel is mismanaging:

In response to the terror attack at Sarona in Tel Aviv on the night of June 8, Israel managed to close down the border crossing into and out of Judea and Samaria and Gaza between June 9 and June 12. This coincided with the Jewish Sabbath and the Shavuot holiday and was meant to give us Jews some sense of security over the long weekend.

Some cried out against such “collective punishment” but had there been no terror attack on June 8, there would have been no cessation of movement over the borders for the few days following it. Also note that all the movement recorded above was going on AFTER the terror attack and the temporary closure. So you see? We could do it right for 3 days. But we just couldn’t keep it up!

And what was happening before the temporary closure? I did warn you that it is boring.

And it just goes on and on and on. Boring, right?

If Israel was really interested in blockading Gaza and running a successful siege, they should have taken an example from the Romans at Masada. Now THAT was a siege!


Sheri Oz

Living in Israel for 40 years, Sheri is a retired psychotherapist. Always interested in politics and international affairs, she now has time to study and write about it to her heart’s content. She often writes on her own site, Israel Diaries -

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