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Living in Israel for 40 years, Sheri is a retired psychotherapist. Always interested in politics and international affairs, she now has time to study and write about it to her heart’s content. She often writes on her own site, Israel Diaries - www.israeldiaries.com
child throwing stones in Hebron

“Cute” Little Kid Throwing Stones

Do you find this cute?

London Bridge Checkpoint, For Example!

Given the spate of terror attacks in London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, among other places, here is an idea whose time has come

Israel Versus Palestine: Punctuating History And Narratives In The Middle East

Here is a way of looking at the history of the so-called Israeli occupation of so-called Palestinian land
Arab representatives in Taibe

How The Israeli Right Makes The Arab MKs Job So Much Harder

How can Arab MKs who love to bash Israel keep at it when "right-wing" government promotes equality?

Israel’s Transparency Law: Two Questions Nobody Is Asking

Curious minds want to know

Israel Can’t Even Get A Siege Right!

Watching Israeli incompetence in running a siege is just plain boring.
yahoo report misleading - tel aviv terror attack

AFP’s Report On Tel Aviv Terror Attack Might Just Be The Most Biased And...

AFP's is perhaps the worse, and Sheri explains why

Our Right To Israel Is Not Written In Our DNA

New contributor Sheri talks DNA
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