Z-Grade Celebrity Tila Tequila Calls For Genocide Of Jews

I have dealt with this cray cray woman before on a few occasions: someone who at one point wanted to convert to Judaism, only to became a Jew hater. She then apologized, only to return to her Nazi ways.

Her Twitter timeline is still full of vile Jew hatred.













Whch is not news. What is news is that she has crossed the line into expressing violent wishes and intentions, firstly by seeming to threaten Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman:


Followed by clear calls for the genocide of Jews.



Some may argue she is crazy and just wants attention. Could be, but she seems very unstable and also has a young child. I believe not only should Twitter close her account, but the authorities should get involved, including child protective services.

5 thoughts on “Z-Grade Celebrity Tila Tequila Calls For Genocide Of Jews”

  1. She’s a sick person and I mean that in a clinical way. She is desperate for attention and will do anything to obtain it. engaging her will only fuel her need for more attention.

  2. “Tila Tequila ✔


    But Jesus loves me ”
    Yes, Tila Jesus loves you. Which is just as well because everyone else knows you’re an anti-Semitic arsehole!

  3. Jim from Iowa

    This goes beyond having an opposing point of view or even trolling. This is anti-Semitic hate speech. There must be some legal or social sanction that can be imposed on this individual to discourage this type of behavior. At a minimum Twitter should suspend her account.

    1. No where do I see where she says she is a Trump supporter and if you have to lie
      then it says everything we need to know about you..

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