Careful Screening Of Goods Is Not Collective Punishment: Here’s Why

UNRWA collective punishment lieOnce again Ban Ki-moon is back in town and he lost no time in slandering my people and nation.

Here’s the latest lie:

UN chief Ban Ki-moon described on Tuesday Israel’s Gaza blockade as “collective punishment” which he said was fuelling the flames of violence: “This situation cannot continue. It fuels anger and despair and it increases the danger of an escalation of hostilities,” he said during his fourth and final visit to Gaza as UN Secretary-General.

Israel has a blockade in place which means Israel meticulously checks the vast amount of goods that STILL FLOW into Gaza every day through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The intent of the blockade is to stop weapons or terrorists getting into Gaza.

This is not a theoretical threat. Not one day passes when terrorists in Gaza do not dream of attacking Israeli civilians. They never, ever stop. It is their #RelentlessJihad. The only things preventing attacks on us are our overwhelming strength in defence and their inability to source all the weapons they would like.

If they got their hands on every weapon they desired, does anyone doubt they would be killing as many Jews as possible?

The only way our blockade would be “collective punishment” is if punishment was the intent of the blockade. It is not. Security, security for my family and all the civilians in Israel is the intent. Only. It is undeniable that all Gaza’s residents suffer somewhat (the elite Hamas captains far less of course) but that is not our intent.

I wrote the same when considering casualties that come about when Israel has to defend itself, including defensive invasions to prevent civilian bound rocket fire: Intentions And Goals Are Everything. This is exactly the same.

It is only the kind of extraordinary moral equivalence that can’t tell the difference between Hamas monsters and peace seeking Jews that leads to statements like this. And it is equally wrong how this desperately ineffective “leader” of the UN is not challenged robustly on this.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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