CNN Accidentally Ignores Murdered Jews


Have you ever seen CNN or other lethal journalist enterprises make a mistake that accidentally made Jews look better? I can’t think of one.

CNN Ramadan Terror missing Israel bol 640

Two images:

  • the first a list of Ramadan terror attacks carried out by Muslims in 2016;
  • the second is a corrected map showing only one attack in Israel on June 8 they “forgot” to put on the  first version.

Where are the other attacks? At first I thought those were numbers of fatalities but they’re actual attacks. June 8th is the date of the Sarona terror attack: there have been dozens of other attacks including fatal ones! CNN’s “corrected” map is missing the murders of Hallel Yaffa Ariel and Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark.

The second version came after a growing clamour on Twitter following the tweeting of the first image.

A Freudian Slip definition

It seems we can learn a lot about the direction of the “internal train of thought” at CNN.

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