Terror Supporter Martin Lejeune Finds Way To Win Friends


Remember Martin Lejeune, the German Gary Busey-lookalike who hearts Hamas and created a Nakba event right by the Holocaust memorial in Berlin? Well, he got offended by Orit’s post on the recent Al Quds Day shenanigans in Berlin, in which she described him as a “rabid German antisemite weirdo.”

martin messagemartin message 2

Regarding Lejeune being an antisemite, hating Israel, hearting Hamas and Salafist groups who call for Jewish genocide, and desecrating the memories of those who perished in the Holocaust would make such a conclusion eminently reasonable.

As for Orit’s opinion he is a weirdo, the fact that he is so offended by being called a weirdo is..weird. Plus let’s face it – he looks a bit like the spawn of siblings who fell in Liebe (pardon my German).

martin lejeune

Martin seems a little desperate for friendship, it would seem. But rather than attending a Dale Carnegie course, he found another way.


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