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Hizb-ut-Tahrir Seeks Alliance with Leftists & Marxists to Overthrow the West

5 Pillars discuss with Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain whether Muslims should work towards the re-establishment of the Caliphate

Central Rochdale Mosque’s Antisemitism Problem

The website of the Central Rochdale Mosque encourages the reader to ‘deep dive into our archives and further your understating of Islam’. By doing just that, it is possible to fish out some pretty incendiary material.
western wall

Palestinian Arabs Admit History is Their Enemy

Sometimes you just have to read between the lines. The Palestinians and Jordan have accused Israel of seeking to “Judaize” the Western Wall Plaza because...

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad: Muslims Have Right to Kill Millions of French People

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir "Mahitler" Mohamad states Muslims have the right to massacre the French

Upcoming: A Jew and a Muslim Walk Into a Zoom Call

Watch the stream on Sunday June 21st 20:30 Israel time (10:30 PDT), on Facebook and YouTube

“Porn Kills Iman” And Guess Who’s Blamed

The Daily Reminder Network, has come out with this video tackling an "epidemic that is affecting the entire globe" which can "potentially destroy your Iman (faith)."

Is it Just About Jerusalem? Is it Just About the Temple Mount?

Are the "territorial disputes" with palestinian Arabs just about Jerusalem? Are they just about the Temple Mount? Well, judge for yourselves.

Turkish Newspaper: Jews Siccing Dogs on Muslims

A Turkish Islamist newspaper has published an antisemitic report claiming that Jews living in Istanbul’s Beykoz district had trained dogs to bite Muslims.

WATCH: Jew Hatred Being Taught In US Mosques

I wonder which of these mosques Rep. Ilhan Omar belongs to

What A Muslim Man Has To Say About His Israeli Co-Worker

A Muslim tweeter recently recounted his experience with a co-worker who is an Israeli-Jew.

Saudi Blogger Denies Saying Israelis Only Seeking To “Return to Their Land Which Arabs...

Another one from the The Times They Are a-Changin' department? Not so fast

Convention on Islam Featuring Some of World’s Worst Jew Haters and Terror Supporters

Reviving the Islamic Spirit, which took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, had a speakers list containing some wretched scum and villainy

Sinead O’Connor To Islam: Nothing Compares 2 U

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has converted to Islam

The Root Cause of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict…In a Tweet

This tweet by palestinian propaganda site Quds News Network is screen captured for posterity - as a reminder as to the true root cause of the conflict
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