Guest Post (Daily Freier): Electronic Intifada Says Tomorrow’s Suicide Bomber “Not Even Very Religious”

abunimah newChicago: Electronic Intifada says that they don’t have all the details about tomorrow’s suicide bomber, but they are “like totally positive” that he will definitely not commit his act in the name of a certain monotheism.

“This guy is not a Jihadist.” explained Electronic Intifada editor Ali Abunimah “C’mon, he drank in college. What kind of extremist does that? Really, I mean calling this terror is just Hate Speech.” Ali shifted in his seat slowly and looked into the distance. “I mean, like, if this thing actually goes down tomorrow”

The reporter challenged Mr. Abunimah on this premise, and he countered “The guy goes to Strip Clubs. Strip…Clubs. Please stop trying to make this into something it isn’t.”

When the Daily Freier asked Mr. Abunimah how he deals with the avalanche of tough questions about Terrorist’s motives and ideology Neo-Con vitriol, he admitted that Electronic Intifada now utilizes a Microsoft Word template that allows it to quickly publish a proper explanation for the “context” of future attacks….like tomorrow…..or like whenever these things might happen.

Aussie Dave adds: This is satire but..




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