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Electronic Intifada Paints Vaporized Terrorists As Innocent Civilians

Antisemitic hate rag The Electronic Intifada has reported about the IDF's latest "crime": killing a couple of young palestinian men

If I Was an Electronic Intifada Writer: Butcher Edition

How would Electronic Intifada cover yesterday's foiled terror attack?

Electronic Intifada’s Latest Libel Of Me

Where I respond to their latest libel

Unrepentant Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Vows To Destroy Israel

And Electronic Intifada proudly publishes it.

Electronic Intifada Goes Full Antisemitism In Defense Of Ken Livingstone

This vile piece shows what the EI is really all about.

Electronic Intifada’s Latest Libel: Israel Causes Cancer

Another Electronic Intifada smear job

El Co-Founder Goes On Epic Rant Against Ali Abunimah and EI

An EI co-founder turns on Ali and gang

Is Electronic Intifada Imploding?

They are under attack by fellow Israel haters

Rania Khalek Just Can’t Understand Lebanon Any More

It seems the Lebanese have other things to worry about, what with a massive war going on next door.

Ali Abunimah’s Timeline Of Terror Support

The Electronic Intifada founder is a huge fan of terrorism against Israel

Electronic Intifada Performs Mental Gymnastics To Paint Terrorist As Innocent Victim

Terror mag Electronic Intifada tries to poke holes in IDF version. They fail miserably


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