Just Call Me the Termite

Apparently Representative Hank Johnson (Democrat from the honorable State of Georgia) believes that as a Black man…oops…as an African-American…he can insult upwards of 350,000 people based solely on the depth of his incredible ignorance and quickly run behind the color of his skin with impunity.

This actually isn’t the first time that Johnson regrettably chose to open his mouth. Back in 2010, he announced that he was afraid that Guam would tip over and capsize due to the number of people living there. It takes a special kind of idiot to come up with that one.


Has anyone in the history of man seen an island country capsize and tip over? I think this calls for an open letter.

An Open Letter to Representative Hank Johnson:

Hey Hank,

I gotta tell you. This time, I think you managed to reach the highest level of low imaginable, even for you. What were you thinking? Well, I would guess the answer is that you weren’t thinking, were you?

I hear that this time, you called me a termite.  I guess, given some of your comments before the House of Representatives, maybe I should be grateful. But Hank, I have to tell you the only time I ever came close to even seeing a termite was when I lived in the States in a house built primarily of wood. Since I moved to Israel, I’ve lived in stone houses – oh, and not a one was stolen from the Palestinians or built on land that they had lived on or on land they owned.

In this latest example of when it is best to remain silent, you blamed the “Jewish people” as a whole for routinely stealing “Palestinian” land. Have you ever visited Israel, Hank? If you have, did you maybe forget your glasses at home…drink too much beer or something? Maybe someone was smoking something real powerful on the plane on the way over?

You see, I live in what you refer to as the West Bank. Personally, I don’t believe in arbitrary names. I think a name from 2,000 years ago has a heck of a lot more weight than one that was artificially created by another country to refer to part of our land, so I call this area Judea and I live in a house in a city that was built almost 40 years ago on a barren hilltop overlooking the Judean Desert.

Hank, what you clearly don’t realize is that Jews are the indigenous people of this land. We have an unbroken chain dating back over 3,000 years. I hesitate to ask whether you can count that high but suffice it to say, we established our rights to this land more than a thousand years before any other people or nation alive today could claim it.

The hills to the east are still barren, other than a few on which other Jewish towns have been built and where the desert is being brought back to life. To the west are several Arab neighborhoods. No one is taking their land; no one is stopping them from driving right past my city up to Jerusalem or down to the Dead Sea. There is no blockage, as you claim.

At that point in your unfortunate statement, you went from wrong to stupid. You said we steal Palestinian homes, make them Israeli homes, and hoist flags, presumably ours. You said that the “Palestinians are barred from flying flags in their own neighborhoods.” Wow. Mr. Johnston.

Flags? I live here and I see Palestinian flags flying all over the places were Palestinians live. In Azariya to my left; to Issawiya to the west, in Jericho to the east and if I could remember the name of the neighborhood to the north, I could probably tell you that they fly those flags there too. In fact, the most endangered flags in Israel are the American flags and the Israeli flags that occasionally get set afire – by Arabs.

Can you give me an example or any evidence to back up the things you said? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Maybe you were too busy investigating midgets and small people or measuring the nation of Guam?

I have to tell you, Hank, this time, you have redefined what the definition of wrong. If you really want to know who is stealing from whom, how about this. In reality, the Palestinians, or more accurately, the Arabs, have been stealing OUR homes, or at least OUR holy sites. On the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, they built a mosque. On the Tomb of Joseph, son of Jacob, they built their own tomb and claim it is not Joseph buried there but some Sheik Youssef (which makes no sense because then they went and desecrated and burned the tomb there anyway).

On the Tomb of the prophet Samuel – yup, a mosque there too. And on the holiest site, where two of OUR Temples stood, they’ve built not one but three mosques at last count and the only people who are restricted and not allowed freedom of religion there, are the Jews.

And then, Hank, just when we thought you had finished being stupid, you got to insulting. You called me a termite. You called my children and my grandchildren termites. You falsely accused me…and more than 350,000 other people of who “like termites get into a resident and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up.” I’m not even sure what you meant by that, “eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up.” What DOES that mean?

Well, if that part makes no sense, what is clear is the very false accusation that we are building highways through their land and preventing Palestinians from even using those highways. Wanna give me an example of one of those, Johnson? Because, I have to tell you, I see a heck of a lot of Palestinian cars every day on the highways my country built. They’re using those roads to get to the Dead Sea, even to climb up to Jerusalem. And sadly, very often, even though they use those roads, they are stoning and shooting and throwing firebombs at cars (ours and even, occasionally, Arab cars “by mistake). Just last week, my husband’s car was hit by a rock the size of a baseball.

You said that “you see one home after another being appropriated by Jewish people who come in to claim that land just because somebody did not spend the night there.”

What the heck are you talking about? No one takes over a house because someone didn’t sleep in it – not Jews or Arabs. In a few specific instances, Jews have quietly sought out Arab owners (well, not really owners but Arab squatters) who were living in homes that had previously been owned by Jews – for example, in Hebron, where Jews were murdered and chased out of the town and their property was stolen. In the Muslim quarter, and elsewhere in Jerusalem, where despite the fact that these buildings were owned by Jews, Israelis have paid millions of dollars to these squatters to reclaim what was ours. And then they have to go through a lengthy court battle to prove that they legally purchased those homes from willing Arab sellers.

As to the vast majority of the Arab homes and villages, the only thing we do for those homes is supply them with water, electricity, garbage collection, education for their children and the most modern medical coverage in the Middle East. The Arab population in this country is doing very well – higher levels of education, lower levels of infant mortality, longer life expectancy and better overall health delivered in many cases by termites, I mean Jews.

Mr Johnson, I don’t know who was stupid enough to vote for you in the past but I sincerely hope they will rectify that in the upcoming elections because, to be honest, you are not only a disgrace to the State of Georgia, you are a disgrace to the United States. By slurring the entire Jewish people, I believe it would be fair to label you an anti-Semite…at least.

All I can say to the bright people of Georgia is that you might want to get that man out of a position where he is your representative because with his level of knowledge and intelligence, any minute, he’s likely to give your beautiful State to the Cubans or the Mexicans, or maybe to the ladybugs or, if you believe Hank Johnson, perhaps it’s time for the rule of the “midgets” (his word, not mine).


Paula R. Stern

Paula R. Stern is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd, a leading technical writing company in Israel. She is also a popular blogger with her work appearing on her own sites, A Soldier's Mother and PaulaSays, as well as IsraellyCool and a number of other Jewish and Israeli sites.

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