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Ariel Gold

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Fighting a Losing Battle Against History

Code Pink's Ariel Gold continues to make a fool of herself

Arabs Force Us To Make The West Bank Ugly

Permanent and relentless Jihad against Jews living in our sovereign nation is disfiguring our beautiful home.

5 Common Myths About “The Settlements”

What you didn't know about lies beyond the Green Line

Israeli Settlement Facts To Counter #FakeNews

The truth about Israeli settlements is very rarely told in mainstream media

Paris Peace Conference On Israel-Palestine Will Ignore French Law

“This is the first time that a Court has legally destroyed all Palestinian legal claim that Israel’s occupation is illegal.”

Israel Is Not Up For Grabs

It’s not up for grabs. It belongs to us. End of discussion.

Will Amona Be Wiped Off The Map Again To Appease Israel Haters?

I’m strongly with Amona’s residents. Moving them off indigenous Jewish land where ancient Jews made wine and lived is absolutely wrong.

Just Call Me the Termite

Stupid is as stupid does

Time To Be Sovereign Again

Time to stop blaming the EU for the Israeli government's failure to exercise sovereignty over all of Israel's territory.

The End Of The Green Line

The Green Line Lie, the lie that we’re in a struggle over land, is over. ‪#‎EndOfTheGreenLine‬

New Israel Fund’s Amiram Goldblum Knows Who The Real Terrorists Are

"Would someone brave propose a law that forbids raising children in settlements? All settlements are acts of terror” - New Israel Fund council member

Checkpoints Save Lives

Checkpoints stop Jews getting killed. Removing checkpoints gets Jews killed.

Palestinian West Bank: Occupation Growing

The statistics are unimpeachable: 2% more occupation than last year!

What Does The Arab At The Falafel Stand Say About The Elections

Faisel admires how Israel holds elections every few years. “By us, whoever is in power, only a bullet to his head will take him out,”
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