James Caan: “I Don’t Know Any [anti-Semites]. And If I Did, I’d Punch Them In The Face.”


James Caan’s visit to Israel has already produced some great soundbytes, with the Hollywood actor speaking out in defense of Israel and against those who oppose the Jewish state.

And like they say on those cheesy infomercials, there’s more!

sonny corleoneThe Media Line: The entertainment world seems to be divided between those who travel to Israel and those who won’t. Did anyone ask you not to visit Israel?

James Caan: They would have gotten punched in the face. No, I don’t hang around with anti-Semites if that’s what you mean and I don’t know any. And if I did, I’d punch them in the face.

TML: Is this your first visit to Israel? How does it feel?

JC: Yes. It’s great so far. They are wearing me out with these tours and I just had my back operated on, so walking up and down those hills is not so much fun. But it’s not supposed to be. Yesterday was great. I was at the Western Wall and got a great history lesson going through the tunnels. It’s just mind-boggling.

TML: What are you taking away with you?

JC: I haven’t finished. A lot of education so far, a stronger feeling for Israel, which in turn gives me a stronger feeling against our current government who I feel like is not the greatest ally in the world to Israel and hopefully that will change.

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