Israeli Arab: “I Love Our ‘Apartheid’ In Israel”


Israeli Arab Nabil Haalki recounts something that happened to him the other day.


Boker tov, good morning
I love our apartheid in Israel, there is a Pizza place that I love in one of the Religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem, it’s close to my bank where I usually go there at night. The staff at the Pizza place know me by face, the normal hi how are you what can I get you with smiles almost always. They know I’m Arab from my accent in Hebrew of course, but never ever felt any different than anyone else standing at the counter.
Last night, as I finished my banking I walked to the Pizza place, the gentleman there unusually just said hi and carried on serving other customers (Jews of course), I noticed that 2 people came after me were served before me, didn’t upset me just surprised me though. After few minutes he asked me if I will have the usual , and I said yes please, he started working on it and as we were alone at the counter he said in Hebrew , ” sorry I passed few people ahead of you, I have new Pizza in the oven and I wanted you to have a fresh Pizza, not reheated”
This is the apartheid everyone is taking about I guess, just saying
Good day!

Such occurrences happen regularly here, but you don’t hear about it because it goes against the narrative preferred by the media and the haters.

Let’s change that.

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