Jailhouse Crock

What is it about Facebook that they allow Israel/Jew hating groups to post with impunity, but those who set the record straight, risk being sent to Facebook jail and banned from posting?

This is not my first time that I’ve been banned from posting on Facebook. My crime?

I merely explained on my wall that the obstacle to peace is not land; rather, it is the objective on the part of the Arab leadership to wipe Israel off the map with its daily terror attacks. It’s not as if we don’t have proof of their objectives. Written proof from their charters, verbal proof in their declarations and actual proof in their actions.

An unseen authoritative Facebook council consistently halts the efforts of those on social media who are active in disseminating the realities of the Arab-Israeli conflict, regardless of the detailed evidence substantiating the extent of terror targeting Israel.

What is worse is the corroboration on the part of members of Facebook to stifle views that are contrary to theirs.

The video is graphic but important to view nonetheless.


Zahava Englard Shapiro

Originally from New York, Zahava was lost in New Jersey for several years until found over a decade ago roaming the hills of Judea in Gush Etzion. An author of two books, “The Gilboa Iris” published by Gefen and “Settling for More: From Jersey to Judea” published by Devora. Her favorite quote is: “If it’s not controversial, why bother?” (Yes, the quote is her own.) She is a mother of four, with two sons having proudly served in IDF combat. Zahava is presently residing in Jerusalem, continues to publish articles for various online publications and is currently working on "the great Israeli novel."

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