Hamas Terror Militia Co-Founder Turns On Hamas..But He’s Still An Evil Jerk


Former Hamashole Muhammad Nazami Nasser has ripped his former terror organization, and apologized for some of the destruction and devastation it has caused.

But not all.

Muhammad Nazami NasserA co-founder of Hamas’ elite militia, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has denounced the terror organization for causing “destruction and devastation” and apologized to the Palestinian people, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

Muhammad Nazami Nasser wrote a Facebook post apologizing to nearly every Palestinian faction for stirring up disunity within Palestinian society. He specifically apologized to “Palestinians within and outside [of Palestine],” “the immortal Palestinian president Yasser Arafat,” Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and other groups. He did not mention Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is also based in Gaza and sometimes works with Hamas.

Nasser said he was sorry for the “horror of hatred that lived within me toward [other political factions],” and for his “relentless work so that you would not have a geographical or political place on the national map….I apologize to you for my biggest dream, that you would all be buried beneath the ground, dead and motionless.”

Nasser blamed Hamas, which he called “the Devil,” for making him believe that his hatred of other factions “would bring me to the highest height of Paradise….My homeland has been destroyed because I couldn’t comprehend the acceptance of others. And what is worse, I thought I was working with religion.”

He asked Palestinians to forgive him, but acknowledged “it may not be helpful after all this destruction and devastation against religion, the homeland and the people.”

So the devil made him do it?

While it is always great to hear someone blasting Hamas as evil and destructive – because that is precisely what they are – Muhammad Nazami Nasser is not really against evil and destruction. Just against his own people. He’s still a-ok with bodies of Jews piling up. And other terror organizations.

He’s just not a Hamas fanboy anymore.

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