Muslim Burkinis On Israeli Beaches


Police reportedly had a woman remove her burkini on a Nice beach. Nice as in the French city (not pleasant or friendly). Once on a flight to Tel Aviv, I had a French airport security woman insist I remove my hat on the ramp on the way on to a plane; that was traumatic enough for me.

Meanwhile, photographers have been heading to Israeli beaches for photos of local scenes.

Having done too many photo essays of Israel’s Arab women and Arab girls, just one photo from Herzilya beach this week was enough to sum up the Israeli beachfront.

No need for burkinis. Arab women wear their street clothes into the water if they wish.

Cover up. Don’t cover up. Wear what you want on Israel beaches. (There are a few separate gender beaches available along Israeli coastline.)

But insisting a woman – anyone disrobe in public?

Think what an international uproar that would cause!

burkini Israel

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