Jeremy Corbyn’s Rosh Hashanah Greeting Promise To Fight Rampant..

Jeremy Corbyn – leader of UK Labor, a party beset by rampant antisemitism – uses his Rosh Hashanah message to promise to fight rampant…housing prices?!

And yes, he looks about as a comfortable filming this message as someone having a colonoscopy.

10 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn’s Rosh Hashanah Greeting Promise To Fight Rampant..”

  1. Hey, consider that in these United States, Obama’s holiday messages to the Jewish community have always included him scolding us to do a better job of living up to our ostensible values….

  2. It goes without saying that the Jews are responsible for the high house prices.
    If he did say that he would fight antisemitism, I had an image of Edward Norton in Fight Club.

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