Antisemite Mary Hughes-Thompson Lies About Gaza Boat Interception


Yesterday, I posted about Israel’s master stroke in having female IDF personnel intercept the aid-less flotilla boat to Gaza. The interception occurred without violence or incident, something that has been confirmed even by at least one of the passengers, and is clearly a huge disappointment for the attention-seeking BDS-holes on board.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei said this morning that Davidson had been released from a detention centre in Tel Aviv and was believed to be on a plane home to New Zealand.

Turei said Davidson was safe and well, and she would be glad to have her colleague home.

“We are relieved to heard that Marama is well and that she received no ill-treatment during her arrest and detention in Israel.”

Had there been any violence or ill-treatment, you can bet she would have complained about it.

But try telling that to antisemite Mary Hughes-Thompson

There is absolutely no indication of any of this. It is quite simply a lie, like pretty much everything else that comes out of her mouth, and that of her fellow haters.

Remember, folks. When the truth and morality is not on your side, you have to lie.

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